Filip Filkovic Philatz

Music video film director and artist.

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Lovac na bilje (2016)
Adventure documentary television show “Herbs hunter” about wild, native and non-native plants on some of the most beautiful and interesting locales in Croatia. The show is aired on Hrvatska Radiotelevizija HTV2.
Natural resources such as many plant species and sources of fresh drinking water, climate and landscape diversity are the basis of each episode. Throughout the series, Anton Rudan (show host) gets in touch with interesting adventure tidbits in which he meets various regions and people whilst revealing different types of plants.

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Season 01 (2015-2016)
S01E01 - Kamenjak
S01E02 - Brijuni
S01E03 - Ucka
S01E04 - Grobnicke alpe
S01E05 - Mreznica
S01E06 - Klek
S01E07 - Banovina
S01E08 - Zumberak
S01E09 - Cres
S01E10 - Losinj
S01E11 - Fuzine
S01E12 - Mrkopalj

Season 02 (2016-2017)
S02E01 - Medvednica
S01E02 - Ivanscica
S01E03 - Lika
S01E04 - Papuk
S01E05 - Drava
S01E06 - Promina
S01E07 - Krka
S01E08 - Neretva
S01E09 - Peljesac
S01E10 - Mljet
S01E11 - Pag
S01E12 - Rab