Filip Filkovic Philatz

Music video film director and artist.

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Kunstterrorist Organisation
First mentioned to exist in 2004, Kunstterrorist Organisation later officially became an occasional art collective dedicated to propagation of audio visual noise. Kunstterrorist Organisation is an experiment in human nature. What started out as a few street and design artists scamming welfare make-work arts back in 2004 has become a complete zenarchistic art organisation of postmodern art terrorist ideals (also known as "El terrorismo postmoderno"). Filip Filkovic works large scale limited edition art prints and artistamps. Filkovic also worked with James Cauty of the KLF on C.N.P.D. (The Cautese National Postal Disservice) as chief of designs for a period from 2007 to 2008.

Kunstterrorist Organisation revolves around the idea that art terrorism is defined as the substitute application or medium for violence or threatened state intended to sow panic in a society. Instead or terror, art terrorism or postmodern art terrorism is intended to express the terror on more fashionable and contemporary way, via art. We all know that art will never stop the war and global warming but it will, most certainly, fill certain portions in your brain disks.

Kunstterrorist Organisation depicts works of radical political art activism and avant garde manipulation of the art hype itself.