Filip Filković Philatz

Director, Filmmaker and Artist from Zagreb, Croatia.


Dulum Zemlje

Documentary television series.

Imagine Croatia as a land of successful, innovative and ecologically sustainable agriculture. Imagine the farmers as accomplished, positive and satisfied people. In spite of numerous challenges and difficulties, there are such visionaries in Croatia, people aware of its agricultural potential who invest their energy, effort and resources into developing it. Each episode presents these pioneers working in various types of agriculture. We learn about the philosophy of living on and off the land, the challenges, problems, persistence, effort, importance of family support and, ultimately, satisfaction which all the emotional, intellectual and financial investment brings to these people and their communities.

2 seasons, 10x 52min episodes

Production: Wolfgang&Dolly d.o.o.
Director: Filip Filković Philatz
DOP: Tomislav Krnić